Get a Therapist...It Helps

Let’s clear up one misconception, seeking therapy does not mean you’re crazy or that something is “wrong”. I can’t tell you how many times people ask me “What’s wrong?” when I tell them that I have a therapist; or when they fear that I’m trying to “get inside their head” when I tell them that I am a therapist. Nothing has to be “wrong” for you to utilize the resources of counseling, and believe it or not, not all of us Therapists want to “get inside your head”, we have enough on our minds.  

*That's Tweetable* Seeking therapy does not mean you're crazy or that something is "wrong"

This thing called life is not an easy road, and it helps to have someone alongside helping you get thru the mess that we sometimes find ourselves in. Yes those individuals who suffer with more severe mental illnesses benefit greatly from psychiatric services, but us “normal” folk could use  it too. If you’re sick, what do you do? Go visit your doctor or local ER, right? But what about if you’re sad? Lonely? Or even lost? Taking care of your mental health is just as (if not more) important as taking care of your physical health.

I can’t stress this enough as a practicing Clinician and client of therapy. Counseling isn’t just about fixing what’s wrong; instead it’s about learning who you are, understanding how to get your needs met, healing your wounds, and facing those fears that you may have not known you had. Counseling also helps you to get to the meat of who you are and gives you the opportunity to get comfortable with what you find. It teaches you authenticity and self-love.

I have a Therapist because I’m thoroughly committed to becoming the best version of myself. If you want to improve your finances you get an accountant; if you want to buy a home you get a realtor; if you want to win a case in court, you get a lawyer. See where I’m going here? Counseling is about inner advancement.

I’ll admit to being a little biased, but even before I chose this line of work, I noticed the benefits of therapy. I understood early on that we were not designed to get through everything on our own, and I also understood that those closest to us (family/friends) weren’t always effective in helping because they were often the problem.  

*That's Tweetable* Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health

I’m personally sick of the hush-hush talk in regards to mental health (primarily in the Black community); yes we’ve made much advancement, but we still have a long way to go. Many of us still believe that money, material items, and "faking it til' we make it" will mend our broken hearts, build our self-esteem, and help us recover from the ineffective habits of our life. It’s just not the truth, and with it being 2016 and us having so much support and resources available to us, we ought be more realistic and proactive about the matters of our heart and mind.

Don’t allow your racial, ethnic, familial superstitions, or the judgments of your social group prevent you from growing and learning more about yourself. You could benefit from counseling, and nothing has to be “wrong” for you to go. 

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