The Catch Up

So yes, I haven’t been here in while. And this section of my blog is meant to depict the recent events and happenings that have gone on in my life. But just because I haven’t published it doesn’t mean things aren’t happening; it simply means that I haven’t sat still long enough to put it in to words and share it with all of you.

Birthdays, vacations, weddings, shows, movies, baby showers, holiday celebrations and everything in between. The past 4-5 months of my life have been a roller coaster. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this quick recap and a little of what I learned with each experience.

Birthday! Woot woot, I turned 26 on July 24 and I had a pretty darn good time. I planned a weekend full of fun events and invited a bunch of my friends. I figured that I'd have a few options in the event that an individual couldn't make it to one outing they could do another.  My weekend included: a wine tasting, clubbing, and a painting with a twist party. Needless to say, I was WRONG! Out of all the people I invited (I forget the exact number), I think maybe a quarter showed up. Talk about devastating. At first I understood; people have lives and other things, but when it got to the last event and people seemed to be dropping out like flies I was full blown pissed and I had a full blown pity party to match. "Like how could they do this to me? I show up to almost EVERYthing and this is my repayment?" ... Yeah I went there, lol. My pity party lasted all of an hour, and then God changed my perspective.

Lesson: it’s not about who doesn’t show up, it’s about who does. I had a grand ol’time all time all three days with the ones who were there.

Vacation All I ever wanted. Vacation had to get away” SO I didn’t go on as many vacations as I had planned between the summer and fall mainly due to me moving, my grandmother passing, and me getting in an accident. But that’s a whole other post. Nonetheless the vacations I did go on were great.Cruise to the Bahamas, a Women’s Retreat just north of Philadelphia, Party boat in NY, and a quick trip to AC with the new beau. Like I said, not many compared to my initial desired vacations, but the rich experiences I had during these moments were priceless.

Lesson: It’s not about where you go but who you’re with. I felt authentic joy with the individuals I experienced these things with. It reminded me of the importance in having a sincere support network around you. It was also the start of many significant relationships, and the strengthening of others.

Movies & Shows

  • I saw a play called ‘The Last Jimmy’. This pulled on my heart strings regarding the issues of mass incarceration, broken families, the psychology of African Americans in the inner city, and most importantly the grace of God and the power of forgiveness. If you ever get the opportunity to see it I highly recommended.
  • I saw Beyoncé in concert. Amazing. Even in the rain.
  • Birth of a Nation, my God, my God. This film portrayed so many layers of psychological trauma and provided implications of why things are the way they are today. From the brokenness of the family system, to the mistrust of those who look different than us. I left the theatre with a racing mind and a speechless mouth. If you haven’t seen it yet, I implore you to do so.
  • I visited the 'The Q' show on FOX and this was a pretty fun experience. It was interesting to see the grass root beginnings of what seems like will be a great show. It’s definitely worth checking out
  • Last but not least, Miss Issa Rae is a genius with her barrier breaking self. First the internet and now Premium Cable. If you haven’t gotten around to watching the show Insecure I highly recommend. It’s a pretty accurate portrayal of professional African American Millennials in America who came from humble beginnings. And maybe it isn’t my EXACT reality, I could identify with more than enough representations. Televeision needed this.

Lesson here: There is so much culture in everything we do and see. You just have to be willing to pull back the layers and dig beyond the surface.

Weddings, Babies, Holidays & Things

Busy busy me. Two of my good friends married one another early September. I witnessed the proposal of another close couple.  One of my close friends opened her hair salon. Another one of my good friends purchased her first home. And I had an awesome slumber party with my girlfriend’s from college. The holidays were still great despite the loss of my grandmother. I attended a bunch of baby showers, baby arrivals, and kids birthdays (my friends have gotta stop having babies! LOL, just kidding. Meanwhile no one wants to come to my cats' birthday party, but I digress). In addition to a slew of other birthdays and impromptu gatherings.


Lesson here: its important to show up! Even if it’s only to show your face, it matters to the other people who are there. Your presence matters! 

Overall lesson: life is meant to be lived; and of course I could write about my experiences a lot more but sometimes the beauty is in simply experiencing it.