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Weekly Call to Action

This weeks wellness challenge is centered around prayer. If your prayer life is non-existent, stagnant, or has regressed in some way, using this challenge may help to give you a boost.

Every day this week:

-Take 5 minutes to engage in a formal prayer at the start of your day (not in the car, not during your commute, not while you're still in bed). But formally meaning: you alone, sitting or kneeling and intentionally talking to God.

-Keep in mind that prayer is simply a conversation with God and he knows you're heart/mind better than anyone else. Don't feel pressured to use biblical or religious jargon, just talk in your every day language that you would if you were talking to a friend.

-Tips for prayer formation (this is only a suggestion and not a requirement):

  • Acknowledge and/or greet God (i.e.: Dear Lord, Good morning God, etc.)
  • Express your gratitude (i.e.: thank you for this day, life, etc.)
  • Express a need, question,  or request for clarity, etc.
  • Ask for guidance, understanding, and an ability to see God working in your life
  • End with gratitude; specifically, thank God for the answer to this prayer even if it has not yet manifested

Feel free to pop in to my inbox or comments section to let me know how things are going!

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